Welcome Homestretch and Greyhound Connection!

From the folks at the Greyhound Adoption Center to the loyal volunteers and supporters at Greyhound Connection and Homestretch Greyhound Rescue and Adoption — welcome!










Greyhound Connection:  For the past 17 years you have given so much of yourselves by providing foster homes and permanent homes to hundreds of ex-racing greyhounds.  Each of you has in your mind’s eye any number of dogs you personally connected with on their journeys to a better life.

Homestretch Greyhound Rescue and Adoption:  From Snoopy, the nearly-blind dog who came to you in 2006, to Charlie, who came to you from Korea and was adopted in 2015, your successes over the past 13 years are heralded throughout the greyhound rescue community.

To both groups, you have given your hearts and your souls to the precious dogs that have passed through your organizations; greyhound lovers everywhere are forever in your debt. You cannot see it, but everyone at the Greyhound Adoption Center is applauding what you’ve accomplished.

But as Greyhound Connection and Homestretch cease operation, please don’t be sad. Know that your legacy is now part of the Greyhound Adoption Center, which pledges to provide support for every Homestretch and Greyhound Connection dog; and we sincerely hope each and every one of you will transfer your support to GAC.

You’ve shown you are committed to greyhounds and their welfare, and we hope you will take an active role with us. We need you and welcome you. We have many volunteer opportunities available, including transporting dogs to new homes, becoming an adoption representative, taking part in meet-and-greet events with your own dog(s), assisting with events, helping with grant-writing, and even doing office work.  If the commute isn’t too far, we always need turnout volunteers to help the dogs at GAC.  This year, Greyhound Adoption Center celebrates its 30th anniversary as a non-profit organization. Over that time, we have found homes for several thousand greyhounds and greyhound mixes. Our facility is in the El Cajon area, east of San Diego. The address is 4821 Dehesa Road, El Cajon, CA 92019.  We love to have visitors!  Please call and schedule a tour if you are in the area 877-HOUNDSAVERS (877-468-6372).

If you haven’t done so already, we encourage you to share with us your contact information (name, address, phone and email). We have established email accounts specifically for each group:  Homestretch@houndsavers.org and GC@houndsavers.org.   Dave Cohen, our board member who heads up Volunteer Coordination is waiting to hear from you and answer any questions you may have about GAC or the transition.  You can also complete our volunteer application online at https://houndsavers.org/volunteer-application/.

Please look for our membership mailer in November.  If you have an adopted Homestretch or Greyhound Connection dog, you will receive new GAC dog tags in that mailer.  The tags will have an identifying number for your dog as well as a toll free number that is monitored 24/7.  If your dog is ever lost, GAC will mobilize search parties to assist and if your dog is found, our volunteers will ensure that you are reunited quickly.

Again…welcome to GAC. And thank you for all you have accomplished.

Would you like to learn more about GAC?  See this recent video:  A Week In The Life – Greyhound Adoption Center

Many thanks to Barbara Rix for creating the graphic for this page (and many for our new website that will debut soon)!