Adopting a Greyhound

Greyhounds make wonderful family pets which is why we are committed to the long-term welfare of each greyhound in our care and to the people who welcome these gentle dogs into their homes and hearts.

GAC’s adoption program concentrates on making a suitable match so dogs are placed in responsible, loving homes. It’s a fact that the many of our adopters come back for a second dog! If any of our adopters ever has to relinquish a greyhound, we will always take the dog back into the adoption program.

Over the last three decades, GAC has adopted out almost 6,000 greyhounds to good homes. Our work continues daily, but we need help. If you are ready to open your home and heart to an adopted greyhound, we can help you find a dog that is a great fit. Take a look at our photo gallery and check out some lucky dogs and their adopters!     Click here for online application

Evra now MistyRave and his cute adopters Dec 2013

 LJR_4614kid test3Gracie with Jim and Janet