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Holiday Sponsor Dogs

Posted on 12/23/2016









Our new sponsor boy had a successful racing career – 183 races and he’s injury free! This healthy guy is delightful to be around and always seems to be wagging his tail. He loves getting lots of pets and hugs from the volunteers, and is friendly with the dogs in his turnout group. He is hoping to share someone’s home very soon!









On her first outing to Petsmart, this sweet girl didn’t mind the hustle and bustle of the parking lot. But a stairway stopped her in her tracks. Inside the store, sweet Mallee liked the kittens, gently pressing her nose to the glass cages. Her favorite part was the bird section. She really wanted to play with two small children nearby. All in all, Mallee likes being a real dog!









Highland’s shoulder is healed and he is ready for adoption with just the right family! Our big boy looks great and loves to go for walks. He always wants to play and seems truly happy to be well again. He had his first trip to Petco and acted just like a normal dog. Didn’t try to shop, but had to be told he couldn’t lift his leg on the dog beds. We are so proud of his progress and hopeful the right family will come along soon.









This regal looking three-year-old raced lives up to her name and is easy to spot in a crowd with her one-of-a-kind greyhound tail – it’s short! We think it adds character to this charming girl who is a lot of fun. She likes her outings, especially when she can see her reflection in store windows. Kind wants to go shopping in every store and shows her affectionate side by happily giving out nose kisses.

You can help support these beautiful dogs by becoming a sponsor today. It makes a nice holiday, gift, too!


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