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New Sponsor Dogs

Posted on 09/12/2016

nature-sept-2016Always alert and curious, Nature happily responds to affection. Without a doubt, she is the very confident matriarch of her turnout group. At a recent visit to Petco, she was even an alert shopper, checking everything within range of her nose! This is one very smart dog who will be a loyal companion.

alabama-sept-2016Alabama is easy to handle, active, fun and ready for a new adventure. This pretty girl was a TV and radio star in August – very proud of her 391 races! This strong, inquisitive hound loves human contact and attracts fans wherever she goes.highland-sept-2016Despite suffering a compound leg fracture, this handsome boy has bravely fought back. All his doctors and water therapists love him so much. Highland’s spirit has never wavered during his six-month ordeal. And the volunteers at GAC say his outlook is now “pure joy.” The search begins for his forever family!hopper-sept-2016Hopper is one lucky dog – he only had to race three times before being rescued in late May. He lives in a doggie condo with plenty of space to stretch out and enjoy his freedom. Handsome Hopper is pretty much all muscle and one strong dog waiting for a forever home.

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