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GAC Is Front Page News

Posted on 08/16/2016

front page image Aug 16 2016

The front page of today’s San Diego Union-Tribune  features the story of GAC’s Leah and Nikita Krishnan, the amazing 16-year-old girl whose invention is helping heal our greyhounds.

Nikita and Leah at GAC July 2016

Nikita recently visited with Leah at the kennel to tell reporters how she designed doggie splints to aid the increasing number of greyhounds who come to us with broken legs.

Nikita and Al GAC July 2016
GAC volunteer Al Landau was also interviewed by a local TV station  that came to see Leah.  GAC has rescued 18 injured dogs this year that required specialty veterinarian services totaling almost $70,000. Please donate  today to help the hounds!

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